About the Accommodations at Mount Saint Joseph

For further information please call Ian Betts
506-778-6550 ext. 6555 or email: office@mountsj.ca
$500 non-refundable Deposit fee required to a secure room
(Cash, Cheque or E-transfer to finance@mountsj.ca)

Move-in days are Monday – Friday 8am-4pm
Please Contact the Business Office with your information office@mountsj.ca

Accommodations – General

Mount Saint Joseph, a former 133 bed nursing home, registered as a Private Occupational Training Agency since 2018, has been transitioning to a multi- functional facility since 2019. It currently houses an 18 bed Memory Care Unit on its first floor, which functions separately from the building.

Mount Saint Joseph is located next to the Miramichi campus of the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC).

Repurposing our recently renovated 4 story facility, allows us to be able to offer quiet and clean accommodations to those who wish to live in a secure and well maintained community environment.

Living at Mount Saint Joseph

As inferred in our Mission statement …” Mount Saint Joseph is a community of dedicated persons who provide living options with Compassion, Independence, Respect and Dignity …in His Image…”, Mount Saint Joseph endeavors to ensure that a safe and trusting atmosphere and environment is maintained whereby all residents may live without fear.

Living in a small community can only be successful if everyone is aware of their behavior and the effect it may have on others and are willing to follow the standards and guidelines established for individual behavior, and that these standards and guidelines are enforced by the Mount.

Life in residence can be an inexpensive, safe and convenient option, but it may not be for every resident.

Therefore, it is imperative that each resident is aware of the expectations that every individual must meet to be allowed to live in residence, as well as the consequences of failure to meet these expectations, before applying to Mount Saint Joseph.

The following guiding principles describe the rights and responsibilities that each resident must agree to abide by when living at Mount Saint Joseph. By taking possession of your assigned accommodation at Mount Saint Joseph, you have confirmed that you agree with these rights and responsibilities and confirm that you agree to comply with same.


Residents (or their parent/guardian if under 19 years old) must sign the Accommodation Standards and Guidelines acknowledgement form.

Residents are required to pay for their accommodations on a month-to-month basis on the 1st of each month regardless of when they take possession of the room.

Residents must provide proof i.e., valid school acceptance letter, showing that they are enrolled as a student for the upcoming term, and/or maintain they are in good standing from the past term. Our priority is to provide accommodation for full time students.

Residents must be responsible for their own care and behave in ways that do not negatively affect the rights and safety of those they live with. Residents will be held accountable for their actions and behaviours and any serious breaches of our policies and guidelines may result in the resident being removed from residence and/or preventing from returning the next term.

Room Assignments

Mount Saint Joseph will attempt to match your room request, however, will not guarantee your request for a particular type of accommodation. We reserve the right to, without notice, to assign/change roommates, to change accommodation assignments and/or consolidate vacancies by requiring you or other residents to move from one accommodation to another.

Rates and Payment

The resident agrees to pay the room and meal plan fee (7 days per week x 3 meals a day are provided) which are set out in the fees section. If you choose or are required to change your accommodations, you will be required to pay the fees for the new accommodations you are assigned to.

Failure to pay your room and meal plan fees by, or on the date they are due, will lead to forfeiture of your accommodation assignment. Charges for room and meal plan fees will continue until you return all assigned keys to Mount Saint Joseph Business Office, and/or you receive confirmation that your assignment has been terminated.

We do not accept Debit or Credit Card payments. Payment must be received by cash, cheque, or e-transfer.

Cancellation of the Residence Application

The Cancellation fee schedule is as follows:

• Cancel before arrival = loss of room deposit fee of $500
• Canceling during the rental month = loss of payment for room and meal plan for full months occupied, your $500 deposit will be returned once your room is cleared by maintenance for damages

Check-out Procedures for Residents
Moving Out of Mount Saint Joseph:

• Clean your room, remove all garbage, return furniture to its original location.
• Send an email to office@mountsj.ca, indicating the date/time you are leaving.
• Return all keys to the Mount Saint Joseph Business Office.

**Mount Saint Joseph cannot re-assign your room until you have completed your check-out as listed above. If you wish to permanently vacate your room, but do not complete the checkout procedures, you will be charged room and meal plan fees until the date you return all assigned keys to the Business Office, and/or Mount Saint Joseph deems you have abandoned your room, and/or you reach the previously determined move –out date.

Termination of residence at Mount Saint Joseph

Termination of a resident’s accommodation at Mount Saint Joseph may occur at any time when:

• You fail to pay (when due) any of the fees outlined in this document.
• You fail to pay any monies due as a result of destruction and or missing Mount property.
• Mount Saint Joseph becomes aware that you provided incorrect or misleading information regarding your eligibility for residence.
• You no longer meet the eligibility requirements for residency.
• You fail to pick up your residence keys.
• Your behavior violates the standards and guidelines regarding residency at Mount Saint Joseph.

In addition to any other available remedies, Mount Saint Joseph may, without notice, terminate residency, remove all other persons, and use such force and assistance as necessary to take possession of the accommodation.

Vacating Your Accommodation

Vacating your accommodation means:

• Completing the checkout procedures at the Business Office.
• Returning all keys to the Business Office.
• Removing all personal possessions and garbage from your accommodation.
• Ensuring that your accommodation is clean.

If you fail to vacate your accommodation as above, you will pay all of Mount Saint Joseph’s costs arising from such failure to vacate the building including but not limited to:

• The cost incurred to clean your accommodation.
• The cost of replaced locks and keys.
• And improper check-out fee of $80.

You acknowledge that any personal property and the personal property of your guests, remaining at your accommodation after termination of accommodation, will be removed and disposed of without compensation to any person. Mount Saint Joseph will be under no obligation to store any such belongings remaining in the accommodation.

Abandoned Accommodation and Personal Property

Your accommodation and any of your guest’s personal property may be deemed by Mount Saint Joseph to be abandoned when:

• A substantial amount of your personal property is removed, and your residence fees are unpaid after the date that they are due.
• Your residence fees remain unpaid after the date they are due, and Mount Saint Joseph has not received a response from you for a period of 5 days after sending you written notice via your email account.
• Items left in a room greater than 24 hours after an authorized room change or check out.

Unauthorized Occupancy

You alone may occupy your accommodation. Your accommodation cannot be assigned, “sublet”, lent, or otherwise shared with another person (exception of this is double room occupancy, which must be authorized by Mount Saint Joseph prior).

Unauthorized assignment, “subletting”, lending, or sharing will result in the eviction of the other person(s) occupying or sharing your accommodation and may result in Mount Saint Joseph evicting you.


Mount Saint Joseph is not responsible for property belonging to you or any of your guests which is lost, stolen or damaged in any way, regardless of cause, whether or not this may occur in your accommodation or common areas such as storage and laundry rooms.

Mount Saint Joseph is not responsible for any injury, death, damage or loss whatsoever caused to you and your guest while in and about the accommodation, or on Mount Saint Joseph Property.


Mount Saint Joseph carries insurance for its own benefit. Mount Saint Joseph does not provide you with general insurance, liability insurance or property insurance for your personal belongings. It is recommended that you arrange for your person, and all your personal effects in accommodation and on Mount Saint Joseph property, be covered by private insurance.

Room Entry

Authorized personnel of Mount Saint Joseph may enter your accommodation, without prior notice, for any of the following reasons:

• To ensure health, safety or general community welfare of persons.
• To make deliveries.
• To make repairs to your accommodation and or equipment servicing.
• To inspect the condition of your accommodation.


You may check into your accommodation after 9am on your approved move in day. If you plan to move in more than 5 days after your designated move-in day you must notify Mount Saint Joseph in writing prior to the move in day for authorization. Failure to notify Mount Saint Joseph may result in cancellation of your previous accommodation assignment and or re-assignment of accommodation.

Delivery of Personal Property

Prior to your arrival, Mount Saint Joseph will not accept personal property, including mail and courier deliveries delivered to your accommodation. Mount Saint Joseph does not accept any responsibility for personal property delivered to, or left in, accommodation areas.

Mount Saint Joseph will not hold mail at the end of the semester, nor will mail be forwarded.

For deliveries to the Business Office, only the student to whom the parcel is addressed to can pick it up.

Non-residence Furniture and Appliances

Residence rooms and shared common areas are furnished. Additional furniture and large appliances are prohibited. Costs associated for the removal of prohibited furniture and or abandoned furniture will be charged to the person authorized for that accommodation.

Mount Saint Joseph Owned Furniture and Appliances

Mount Saint Joseph furniture may not be removed from the room or common space it is assigned. This includes relocating furniture, even temporarily to other units, resident rooms or outside.

Housekeeping/Cleaning Damages

Mount Saint Joseph thoroughly inspects and cleans all rooms prior to your arrival. Any concerns regarding your assigned accommodation are to be reported immediately for assessment by the housekeeping staff to determine what items will be repaired, replaced, or cleaned.

After your departure from your accommodation, your room and any common areas will be inspected. Any missing items, damage not documented, and required cleaning will be charged to the person assigned the room. Costs assessed to shared accommodations between multiple residents will be split equally between all occupants, regardless of individual check out dates or any other factors.

Repairs and Alterations

All repairs and alterations to accommodations will be carried out by Mount Saint Joseph staff. Residents are prohibited from repairing or altering the exterior or interior of their room and must report any required repairs to the Business Office.

There are on-going maintenance, renovation and construction projects taking place in and around the residence. This work usually takes place during regular business hours.


There may be limited storage space available in residence for resident use, mostly luggage space. This space is not available for furniture, and other large objects. Mount Saint Joseph does not assume responsibility for loss, theft, or damage of articles stored in these areas regardless of how such theft or damage occurs. Items in storage must be labelled with the resident’s full name and room number. All items left in storage or other areas of residence that are not labelled, or that are left after the end of the term, will be removed and disposed of without further notice.

Room Changes

All room changes must be approved by Mount Saint Joseph prior to the exchange. Unauthorized room changes or switches may result in the resident being required to move back to the assigned room and will result in an $80 unauthorized room change fee. Once authorized the resident will be charged the monthly rate for the new accommodations. You must return the keys to your old accommodations within 24 hours or Mount Saint Joseph will order a lock change for that room and you will be responsible for the charges associated for that lock change, regardless of whether you return the keys at a later date.

Once your new room keys are received, you must move to your new room within 24 hours.

Transportation and Parking

Mount Saint Joseph is located next to NBCC Miramichi. It is also on the municipal bus route. For those with vehicles, parking is included in your residence fee with a Mount Saint Joseph Parking pass. Mount Saint Joseph is not responsible for theft or damage to cars, bicycles or other vehicles, or any contents stored on, or within them.

Scooter, bicycles or other similar vehicles may not be stored inside any accommodation unless required to accommodate disability, and so long as space requirements meet all fire and safety regulations.

Security and Lost Keys

You are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to ensure that your accommodations and the building are protected from a breach of security. This includes but not limited to locking your doors, windows, not forcing or propping open building entrance doors, not permitting unknown persons into residence, following all guest policies, immediately reporting strangers or security concerns.

You are not permitted to copy any key provided by Mount Saint Joseph. Lost room keys include the actual costs of replacing the core locking mechanism, plus $30 for a bedroom key, for every key required. Lost keys must be reported and replaced immediately.


Mount Saint Joseph collects personal information for the purposes of renting your accommodations and will only be accessed by persons involved in student accommodations.

By supplying Mount Saint Joseph your Emergency Contact person(s), you are agreeing that Mount Saint Joseph may contact this person(s) or any other relevant community partner if your behaviour causes concern for your person safety and or the safety of others; you become hospitalized for any reason, your support needs are greater than what Mount Saint Joseph accommodations can provide or Mount Saint Joseph has made repeated attempts to contact you without a reasonable response.

Living at Mount Saint Joseph
Standards and Guidelines

Living in a shared space requires each individual to be aware of the consequences of their behaviours to ensure that their actions do not place the safety and wellbeing of themselves or others at risk.

The following is a list of expected standards and guidelines that are to be followed by everyone living at Mount Saint Joseph. Violation of these standards and guidelines will lead to sanction up to and including termination of your student accommodation.

Respectful Living Space

Mount Saint Joseph is a harassment free space.

Every person living in residence has the responsibility to refrain from behavior that is known or ought to be reasonably known to be dangerous, harmful, disruptive or obstructive to other residents.

Any activity (verbal, written, pictures, or physical) that is perceived or ought to be known as perceived by others as threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or any form of discrimination, harassment (including sexual) is prohibited and may result in eviction from residence.


• Residents who choose to consume alcohol must do so responsibly and in compliance with the law. All residents will be held accountable for their actions while consuming alcohol in residence
• Partying is not allowed in the facility, including drinking games and binge drinking.
• Possession of paraphernalia and or consumption of kegs, and large containers of pre mixed alcohol is prohibited.
• Brewing or distilling alcohol is not permitted.
• Stockpiling alcohol is not permitted.


• Residents who consume cannabis must do so responsibly in compliance with the law and will be accountable for their actions.
• There is no smoking at Mount Saint Joseph, in its facility and surrounding property, including vehicles parked in its parking lots. This also pertains to the smoking or vaping of Cannabis.
• The cultivation of cannabis will not be permitted under any circumstances at Mount Saint Joseph


• The possession, use, trafficking, promotion of illegal drugs is prohibited.
• Any involvement either directly or indirectly in any illegal drug or drug activity is prohibited.
• Reasonable suspicion of these activities at Mount Saint Joseph will result in eviction and referral to the police.

Respectful Workspaces

• While cleaning services at Mount Saint Joseph are provided, residents are expected to keep individual and shared living areas reasonably clean and tidy, out of respect for others.
• Residents and guests shall cooperate with requests from staff members, emergency personnel and police. This includes providing appropriate identification when asked to do so. Failure to cooperate with, and/or verbal harassment or abuse of staff may result in eviction from residence.


• Cooking devices that are open coil, open flame, induction cookers, gas-based or heat producing or exposed heating elements (such as hot plates, candles, incense burners, wax warmers) are not permitted in residence by order of the Fire Marshall.
• Microwaves, toasters, kettles maybe used in designated areas.
• No explosive materials are permitted on Mount Saint Joseph property, including propane tanks.

Damage to Property

• Damage to the personal property of other residents or damage to the residence property is prohibited and may lead to eviction.

Elevator Tampering

• Tampering with elevator safety systems or engaging in activities that may damage or interfere with the operation of the residence elevators are prohibited, and will result in the cost of repairs, and possible eviction. This includes tampering with any part of the elevator, too many passengers and preventing the doors from closing.

Guests or Visitors

• Residents are responsible for their guest’s behavior whether or not they participated in, condoned or were aware of the guest’s behavior. Anyone who is invited to, accompanied on, accepted or admitted to Mount Saint Joseph property is deemed a guest of that student.
• This includes facilitating the access (by opening a locked door) to a stranger or unknown person to the building. The residentwill be held responsible for that guests behavior whether they know them or not, until they leave the property.
• Residents are responsible for activities that take place in their room whether they are present or not. A resident’s failure to lock their door does not mitigate their responsibility for the action of others in their room.
• No overnight guests are permitted. No sleeping on furniture in common areas by guests and or residents.
• No pets are permitted in the facility.
• Permission of service animals will be permitted on a case by case basis by Mount Saint Joseph. Approval must be granted prior to resident’sarrival.

Prohibited Areas

Mount Saint Joseph is a multi-functional building, including a Business Office on 3rd floor, a Memory Care Unit on 1st floor and office rental space.

Residents are not permitted access to unauthorized areas unless accompanied by a representative of Mount Saint Joseph. This includes areas not normally used by persons other than staff and includes but is not limited to roof tops, mechanical rooms, cleaning supply rooms, linen rooms, locked areas or other areas marked staff only. Accessing these areas will lead to eviction.

Safety and Fire Equipment

Safety equipment, including sprinklers, smoke detectors, heat sensors, fire exit signs, fire extinguishers, pull stations, hoses, alarm bells, fire/emergency exit doors and any other safety equipment is necessary to safe guard all residents. Activating, handling, using or interfering with any fire or safety equipment outside of an emergency will lead to immediate eviction.

Residents are required to participate in monthly fire drills and to evacuate the building in the event of a fire alarm or other emergency. When a fire alarm sounds residents are to immediately vacate their rooms, locking them and must proceed to the nearest stairwell, DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Please refer the diagram on the room door to locate the nearest stairwell.


Residents and their guest are not permitted at any time to bring into, or keep in their accommodations, or on Mount Saint Joseph property, any real or replica projectile weapon i.e. air, bb, paint guns, cross bows or blades i.e. knives, swords or other weapons, whether used for martial arts or other forms of combat training.

Lock Out

Residents locked out of their rooms between 8am-4pm during the weekdays should contact the business office to locate housekeeping. Other times the resident must contact the housekeeping staff or security guard on duty for access to their room. Only the resident authorized for that room will be given access. Repeated incidents may be charged for lost room key.

What to Bring (Optional)

Small Desk and chair

Single bed & mattress

Twin Bedding, your favorite pillow, pillowcases, blankets, comforters and/or duvet

Towels and washcloths

Television with Wall mount brackets which will be installed by the Mount Saint Joseph

DVD player, game console

Mini fridges (max. 5.2 cu. ft.)

A small desk LED light

Computer, printer and headphones

Surge protector, Fused power bars (not extension cords!)

Alarm clock-or use the one on your cell phone

Laundry bag, soap and Loonies ($1 coins) –prices are $1.00 per wash and $1.00 per dry (The Business Office will NOT be making change)

Clothes hangers

Small Padlocks

Prohibited Items

Candles, incense, potpourri pots or open flames of any kind

Extension cords (only CSA approved fused power bars are permitted)

Multiple receptacle outlets

Halogen lamps, holiday mini lights

Toasters/hot plates

Sandwich makers, electric grills or griddles or BBQ

Explosives, fireworks, ammunition, firearms, bb guns air pistols/rifles, pellet guns or other weapons, explosive devices, propane canisters or flammable liquids

Space heaters or anything with an open element

Stereo systems

Illegal drug paraphernalia

3D printers or any devices that emit large amounts of heat, fumes or particulate matter

Kegs of any size

Milk crates (toxic in fire) but plastic bins approved for home use are fine



Air conditioners or electric heaters

No nails or hanging devices on the walls

***Students who wish to bring their own single bed and furniture must contact the Mount regarding the process as there are restrictions as to what can be accommodated.***